Try this tasty sandwich!
An 1176 between two slices of Neve Bread!
by Scott Liebers and Eddie Ciletti

Scott and I are just a few kits away from the end of this "production run."   We have decided to pull the kit until we both have time to make it easier to build. 

Originally this was Scott's personal project.  I pushed him to go public because I thought it was, and still is, a great idea.  I felt that the modular aspect was a brilliant way to define and learn what each circuit does.   We had also hoped that people would have seen the modules for their potential outside of this kit.  The output amp and power supply boards alone are worth the PCB kit price.

We've had no shortage of ideas and things to do, from an instructional video, to affordable variations for beginners, such as a transformerless option.  We received many inquiries about the mic preamp and stereo-linked versions and of course, the chassis conundrum.  Much was prototyped but...

Scott and I have been very busy with all of the other stuff we do, not the least of which is parenting our biological offspring, as well as various audio- and music-related projects.  (Scott, if you didn't know, if quite the musician and Luthier.)  We've learned alot from this one kit and we hope to come back bigger and better next time.

We thank all of you for you interest and support.  Keep in touch.


Eddie Ciletti                                                          April (no fools) 2007

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