Try this tasty sandwich!
An 1176 between two slices of Neve Bread!
by Scott Liebers and Eddie Ciletti

 As of April 2007, this kit is no longer available.

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Everyone loves the Universal Audio 1176, one of THE classic, Compressor - Limiter archetypes.  From vocals to the Mix Buss, this FET-based dynamics processor is capable of incredible amounts of Gain Reduction thanks to an anti-distortion combined with single-ended Class-A audio amplifiers.

This "modern" kit version, dubbed the SL-1176, employs the same side-chain and FET Gain Reduction circuit as the most desirable "D" and "E" versions of Bill Putnam's famous UA-1176, adding a Neve-style front end and the classic NEVE output circuit featured in their 1066, 1073 and 1272 modules.   By doing so, we've preserved the smooth Class-A vibe of the original - with a British-Style twist - made more affordable by using an off-the-shelf parts.

Scott's SL-1176-KIT consists of five blank PCBs that we hope will inspire.   Not only can you build it just like the prototype below, but you can also customize features or use the boards to prototype your own ideas.  We provide a few key components plus a parts list, you provide the chassis, meter, pots, knobs and power  transformer - the final "production decisions" are yours!

The USA price for five silk-screened circuit boards, selected FETs, low leakage diodes, Cinemag Input xfrmr, Sowter Output xfrmr, output transistor and heatsink is $230 with shipping.  See Table-1 for itemized details.

Please thoroughly explore The Index for full hardware details before e-mailing us.    Due to international shipping costs, Only the PCBs, FETS, diodes and the output transistor will be shipped outside the USA.  USA customers can order input and output transformers from us.   Kits are generally in stock and will ship within two weeks of receiving payment.  See details below.

Be sure to provide ALL of your contact info, especially phone number.  If you prefer to pay by credit card or check, Our Contact Info is provided below

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For more info or support, please contact Scott or Eddie

LAST UPDATE: 27 November 2005

Scott's SL-1176-KIT prototype 
Each stage is on a separate Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for easy customization, such as building a stereo compressor-limiter. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Newly updated PCBs include silk-screened parts designations.

The OUTPUT STAGE (above) consists of a Class-A amplifier optimized to drive this Sowter Output Transformer that is equivalent to the original part built for use in the classic Neve 1066, 1073 and 1272 modules.
The INPUT STAGE (above) consists of the FET PCB and low-noise Gain make-up stage PCB.  We will provide transformer recommendations so you can customize your 1176 not only for line-level but also as a mic preamp.
This Bi-Polar power supply module can be used for the SL-1176-KIT as well as the foundation for your own projects.