NEEVA STORY:1981-ish
I knew very little about Neeva before meeting them in the studio to do our first demos - Countdown and Happy Again.  We did them on the Ampex MM1000, 2-inch 16 track ( far right of the middle photo below) at Skyline Studios (the same studio we had just finished the Hurricane Jones project).  Charlie Roth was the primary synth player - programmer.  I know we used some sort of rhythm box on those tracks.  As we got into the album, Andy Newmark would eventually play over whatever we had recorded. He keeps remarkable time

Jim, Vanessa and Charlie were a fun bunch to hang out with - all very talented - which made working with them a pleasure.  Their music was very different from HJ and all the Gamble-Huff stuff that TJ and Cotton were known for.  TJ was stretching out, trying like many musicians to catch the "new wave" of music.  Vanessa seemed so young at the time and the video does not do her justice.  She was much more the girl-next-door than the costumes and make up made her out to be.  Still, it was good to seem them then.  (video link below) 

From left to right:  Eddie, John Montgomery, TJ, (west coast label dude), Vanessa, Jim.  Photo by Eddie's Voigtlander...
Eddie in Skyline's only control room at the time. 
Console: Tangent
Tape Machines: Ampex MM1000-16 (behind the Ampex MM1200-24 photo by Arthur Payson
From left to right:  TJ, John Montgomery, Eddie, (west coast label dude), Vanessa, Jim.  Photo by Eddie's Voigtlander...
NEEVA "Blue Star" video

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01 Countdown
02 Blue Star (3:08)
03 In Tune (3:13)
04 Starshine (3:05)
05 Love (Gotta Hold On Me) (3:25)
06 Seventeen (3:00)
07 Walking On Air (3:11)
08 Let Your Body Go (3:25)
09 Will You Be Mine (Part I And II) (7:15)
10 Tomorrow's On Its Way (3:20)
11 Save a Little Love raw  /  remastered
12 Video Kideo
13 On The Radio
14 know They're Right
15 Happy Again

John Doelp - who would eventually become Celine Dion's exec prod - discovered Skyline and it was there that he and I recorded Razmataz, a Manhattan Transer style vocal group way back in 1980.  Skyline would eventually be "taken over" by Nile Rogers, but once TJ and John Montgomery had officially established a record label, we were at Skyline regularly for several projects between 1981 and 1983, including the Uptown Horns and James Montgomery.  Skyline was owned by Paul Wickcliffe and managed by Lloyd Donnely.  Paul recorded Steve Forbert around the time we were there.


I already knew who TJ Tindall was because he played on one of my fave Bonnie Raitt albums, GIVE IT UP.   I met TJ  in 1975 thanks to Jim Zubernis, who went to Penn State and was a roadie for Duke Williams and the Extremes.  I was three months away from graduating when Jim asked me to meet him at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia.  At the time, TJ was playing with Duke et al, in addition to all those great Gamble and Huff records.  I still have a cassette tape of the song they were working on at the time.   That experience changed my life.  From then on, I knew what my career was going to be!

early eddie story ( not updated in over ten years)