ADAT Error Messages: Some Descriptions are Linked

CAl brAC (on an XT) indicates that the brakes are not functioning properly.  There are two ways to initiate the calibration procedure, on power up and from within Test Mode.

du indicates environment is too humid (detected by dew sensor). The tape will not be allowed to be threaded while this condition is present.

noFO indicates tape is unformatted (see UNFORMATTED TAPE document)

Prot indicates tape is write-protected (record tab has been removed) when trying to record. (see this link for more).

FO indicates the tape is rewinding to the start-of-tape in order to perform a complete format (see the FORMATTING document)

FULL indicated a MIDI input buffer overflow

Er0 when loading tape, didnít see tape insert switch; when ejecting tape, didnít see plate down switch

Er1 when trying to get into unthreaded position, didnít see mode-1 switch

Er2 when trying to get into threaded, capstan disengaged position, didnít see mode-2 switch

Er3 when trying to get into threaded, capstan engaged position, didnít see mode-2 and mode-3 switches

NOTE: Exercise can temporarily "self-clean" a mode switch. If you hear a "motor" sound, but no transport activity, be sure to pop the bottom cover and check the CAM belt that is in the lower right corner of the mechanism.  It may be broken.

Er4 when threading tape, no drum fg toggle within 100ms of turning on motor (drum not spinning)

Er5 PG period not within valid range (17-25 ms)

Er6 Error while reading data section (invalid data)

Er7: Alesis sez, "Bad write sector when machine is playing or recording in sync," but the reality of this message is the machine's inability to read good data from the tape.  This could be a simple as the tape being non-formatted or that the heads need cleaning (you wish), it could also be a servo issue -- the head and capstan motors must be in precise synchronization -- and in many cases it is a failed head preamp (inside the head assembly).  Not all service facilities can do in-head repairs. 

Er8 Synchronization lost while recording (tape will be stopped)

Er9 No tach pulses while in play or record mode (tape will be stopped and unthreaded)

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