Blackface ADAT Software Version 4.03 Addendum


Normally, the write-protect tab is an essential component to protecting a recorded master and, on most tapes, once the tab is gone the tape is permanently write-protected. Sure, you could cover the hole with tape, but this is not a good long-term solution. 

However, if you want to reuse a tape or if the sensor-switch is defective, you can now override the "PrOt" message that the machine reports when it scans the tape.

From the ADATís front panel:

  • Hold the SET LOCATE button and press RECORD ENABLE-2; The display will momentarily read "PrOt," indicating the tab is NOT being checked.
  • Repeat step-1 to switch the Write-Protect Tab Check back on; The display will momentarily read "PrOn."
  • Note: This override will automatically be deactivated whenever a tape is ejected or the power is cycled.


    The ADAT has been optimized to take advantage of the extra recording time on tapes longer than the standard T-120. Also you can now use T-180 tapes for over one full hour of recording time or T-60 tapes for shorter projects. (ADAT automatically recognizes the shorter length T-60 tapes because the hubs are larger. However, there is no way for ADAT to tell apart a T-120, T-160 or T-180 tape since these all use the same smaller-sized hubs.)

    To "tell" the ADAT what tape length is being used:

  • Hold the SET LOCATE button and press the FORMAT button; The display will read "t60."
  • Repeat step-1 to advance through the available tape length options. The display will briefly read either "t120," "t60," "t160," or "t180."
      • The tape length setting is not reset when the tape is ejected. However, if the power is cycled, the tape length setting will revert to T-120.
      • If tape length is selected from the BRC, the individual ADATs will retain their tape length settings even after a power cycle.

      Note: A "Power Cycle" is simply the act of turning the machine OFF and ON.

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