SESSION: Ross Kleiner and the Thrill
Track: Mighty-Mighty Man
Ross at the RCA-77D (the SM-58 is a prop). 
Listen to the isolated Vocal Mic track and note how little leakage...
Vocal Hide-a-way: details the mics and the monitors.  The modified Fender Pro Junior is being used as the monitor amp.  It is also driving the modified Yamaha NS-10 on the left  (woofer only , x-over bypassed).  The Junior's (re-amp) input goes straight to the power amp.

Victor and his Ludwig toms and snare, augmented with a Radio King kick.
Listen to the Coles 4038 Ribbon OH
Listen to the EV-664 dynamic on Kick
Victor's view of the Studio
Listen to the Sony C-37A on snare
In the distance, you can see -and hear - the Royer Ribbons in Blumlein

Clean Gibson amp mic'd with RCA 44A
'Dirty' tweed Fender Deluxe mic'd w/Reslo Ribbon
Fort Elmer
Listen to the Bass Mic
Listen to the Bass Amp
Note the drum leakage into the Bass Amp mic


The Geek Side...

John taking notes...