What is the difference between DAT, DTRS, adat, MDM and DASH?
Tascam's DA-xx series machines are referred to either as "DA-88's" (because it was the first in the series) OR, more precisely, by the manufacturer's trade name for the Hi-8mm format, "DTRS" (Digital Tape Recording System).

Tascam's DTRS and the Alesis "adat" formats are both referred to as "MDM's" or Modular Digital Multitracks.  The adat uses Super-VHS "S-VHS" tape.  Other Digital Audio Tape machines include the 4 mm DAT format, which started life as the "RDAT," the "R" being a reference to the "Rotating" head assembly. There are also DASH (Digital Audio Stationary Head) machines, such as the Sony 3324 and 3348, which primarily use 1/2-inch open reel tape.  Mitsubishi and 3M DASH machines use 1-inch tape.

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