Altec 1566A: Mic Preamp and Direct Box Kit

Alternatives to building from scratch © April 2003 by Eddie Ciletti

Part-1: The Sound of Vacuum Tubes
Part-2: Modern and NOS Vacuum Tube Evaluation
Thinking about building, but don't know where to start?   Here are some tips...


  • If you've barely got a budget, no skills, minimal tools and even less time, may I suggest either of the two tube preamps offered by Rolls / Bellari.  The RP-220 and RP-520 are based on a real tube front end, running on high voltage and not "starved," with an IC opamp output stage.  Rolls / Bellari even have scratch and dent models to choose from.   These are the most affordable real tube preamps on the market.  Start here and modify / upgrade later. 
  • If you've got more money than time and construction skills, consider buying the Dynaco PAS-series tube preamp, available on e-bay.  This is a Hi-Fi preamp with input selector, phono preamp and tone controls that will provide a "house," a power supply and circuit boards.  The only "issues" are your modification skills, expecially mechanical, specifically mounting the XLR and Instrument connectors.
  • If you're seriously interested in creating a kit from scratch, the key component to achieving pro results is a Printed Ciruit Board.  I'm looking for investors, people willing to put $25 down via PayPal to pay for development time.  And yes, a power supply board with phantom power will be included. 
  • Work will begin begin as soon