Test Equipment

For people who just can't get enough cool tools, here's the beginning of my personal "review" collection! Theimportance of these particular items is their affordability.

From GTC Industries, pocket-sized audio generators

  • TONE PLUG: Mini-oscillator in a male XLR connector
  • NOISE PLUG: Pink Noise generator in a male XLR connector

  • From Neutrik Test Instruments...

    The Minirator, MR-1, a precise, low-distortion sine + multifunction hand-held oscillator, available in two flavors:

    The Minilyzer ML-1, a multifunction hand-held audio analyzer that measures level in RMS volts, dB, S/N, THD, spectrum analysis and an oscilloscope. 

    Also available from MCM Electronics...

    The 72-505 is a $67 stepped-frequency oscillator.  At .03% distortion, it is cleaner than mant multi-function oscialltors and very affordable.