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updated 9 February 2009 by Eddie Ciletti
Frank Eaton e-mailed me today, 9 February 2009, with the news...

Kevin Fullen, Naux and Frank 2005

"After a prolonged illness, Naux passed away last night in his sleep.  Jenifer, Margaret (his sister in law), Scott Williams, Kevin Foley and Nick (his beloved dog) were with him.  Scott called me shortly after midnight and reported that Naux's passing was peaceful and "the least dramatic thing he ever did in his life."  We all expected it but still hits hard.

I had seen him a couple of weeks ago with Scott and he managed to muster incredible strength to spend time with us."



That Naux called me out of the blue a few years ago was astounding (I saved several of the phone messages).  He was all about how he loved me and learned from me.  I couldn't help but be suspicious at first - after 20 years, it was a surprise to say the least.  But I eventually realized he was simply reaching out.  He sent several CDs and I could see (hear) he was having fun, spontaneously creating, inspired as if he were on fire and bringing those around him into the warmth of that fire. 

He was all about first takes - what we struggled over back in the day - but I walked away from those recent conversations with a seed planted.  Music today is less inspired as it is conspired (music by committee),  but like sour dough and yogurt, My Brother Naux was THE "starter culture." 

eddie ciletti
9 February 2009

NAUX, or "Brother Naux" as I affectionately referred to him (mis-pronouncing his name as "NAWKS"), was a truly soulful guitar player with a unique voice not too far-afield from David Byrne's.  The tracks below were recorded between 1981 and 1983 at Noise New York, pre Kramer, when it was located on 34th Street above La Polpetta (the Meatball) and owned by Frank and Dwight Eaton. 

To the best of my recollection (chemicals involved) I came in mid-project, recorded some tracks from scratch, overdubbed a good deal of the vocals on all tracks, did some string / synth arrangements as well as the distant BKG vox on "Life On Earth."  Frank Eaton played keys, Kevin Fullen played bass and I'll figure out who played drums...

While these tracks came from two different Normal Bias TDK cassettes, two-track tapes exist and will be restored at a future date.  Equipment used for recording included a SoundWorkshop console, Tascam 85-16 multitrack, Otari 5050 two-track and a spring reverb.  Vocals were typically recorded with an AKG-414 in omni processed with a Valley People Dynamite (at least once).  The mix was processed with a pair of US made dbx 160x compressors.  Monitors were Auratones with passive subwofer.

Eddie Ciletti 

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