AKG C24 Stereo Vacuum Tube (valve) microphone evaluation.
Tested 5 April 2007by Eddie Ciletti

Comparison of t two "identical" mics of different vintage and capsules. 

Great River transformerless mic preamp to Sony PCM-R500 RDAT.  Please note that of the two C24s, the upper (brass CK-12)  mic-to-power supply connection was a new 35-foot Mogami cable while the lower (nylon CK-12) cable was a vintage 70-foot cable.  I will do another test with the cables reversed.

TEST-1:( 18MB stereo .wav file ) 
Separate this stereo track into dual mono to do your own comparison.  Vintage BRASS CK-12 capsule (Left Channel, lower mic in the image below) and "Reissue" Nylon capsule (right channel, upper mic in the image below).

TEST-2: ( 533KB mono .wav file ) 

Two Times mono loop of the "AHH" test that quickly reveals the differences between the two mics.