Fred Ciletti was my uncle and Godfather, a man who loved music, loved to sing and to tell stories.  Fred transfered the songs below to cassette from 78rpm shellac discs probably in the mid-eighties.  All five songs began life as instrumentals, Fred included alternate versions of tracks four and five with him singing along.  I integrated these into one version.

While the arrangements range from the cartoonesque style of Karl Stalling (of Looney Tunes fame) to "muzak," they are somehow soothing and otherworldly - as if travelling through time - an echo from a radio broadcast sent long ago. 

Presented here in Fred's original order, are three instumentals to set the mood, followed by two outstanding vocal performances.  All should certainly be of interest to those who may have grown up with them. 


Eddie Ciletti
May 2004
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1- With a Song in My Heart
2 - Easter Parade
3 - Instrumental (anyone know the name of this song?)
4 - Somebody Loves You 
5 - Night and Day