IPR Summer Session '07: Pictures
Not Too Shaby Control Room with Altec 604 monitors powered by Groove Tubes Dual 75 valve power amp outfitted with KT-66 output tubes.  David Corter's Raindirk Console handled the playback, bouncing, headphone mix and talkback responsibilities. 

3M Series 80 
(prototype based on M-79 guts)
our half-inch four track music machine.

Little Willi, the half-inch Studer A-80
Stereo Mastering Machine

ABOVE: The Drum kit with acoustic baffles flanking the kick, green carpet and blue blanket on top to minimize snare and hat leakage into the D-12

Shure SM-76 omni dynamic (directly overhead), Coles 4038 ribbon (above and behind the drummer's head at a 45 degree angle, aimed toward the kit), Cascade Fathead ribbon aimed at snare (from a foot away, pointed toward center), transformerless Shure SM-57 on snare bottom, same distance as the fathead. (Snare mics have blue-ish highlights.)

BELOW: Drum kit from behind shows our doo-rag damping technique and a whirl of activity on the other side.

VOX AC-30 Re-issue and Fender Pro Junior used for Rhythm Guitar.
Both amps have EL-84 output tubes.

Groove Tubes Soul-O-Single lead guitar amp 
with EL-84 output tube and socket adapter
plus an RCA 74 "junior" ribbon mic

Fender Jazz Bass
with SWR amp and Shure SM-58 mic

Tom is mesmorized by the spinning reels

Peter geeking out


From left to right: David Hedding (rhy gtr & vox), Alex Ramsey (keys & vox), Jess Skadburg (drums &vox), Nathan Reeder (lead gtr & vox), Tom Colvin (st), Eddie Ciletti (geek, vox & horns), Peter Bregman (tech), Rob Rogers (st), Maynard Madsen (st), Daniel Olivares (st), Drew Hau (st and bkg vox)