Maria DiFulvio and Giovanni Ciletti

My Father's parents, Mary and John, as they looked on their wedding day.  I will find out the exact date, but this had to be the late teens.  "Grandpop" was born in the late 1890's in a mountain village -- Bagnoli Irpino Avellino (near Napoli) -- and "grandmom" was born at the turn-of-the-century on the Abruzzi coast in Ortona.  My Grandfather was a butcher who made excellent Italian Sausage.

My Father's cousin Teresa still uses the family recipe in her restaurant -- The Ravioli House -- in Wildwood, New Jersey.  We all (cousins -- Teresa and Elena -- plus Polly, Jim and myself) visited Ortona in the summer of '98.  It took all of 15 minutes to find the apartment house that is home to the three surviving DiFulvio women.  Apparently, the last male member of the family was '98 when he died (about 5 months before we arrived).  My Grandmother lived just past her 87th birthday and would have likely known this man.  My grandfather died in his mid sixties.

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