AE-237: updated October 2012


  • Series - Parallel Review
  • Introduction to Rectification and Power Supplies (PSU)
  • Please read the chapters and draw the schematics (detailed below) - to be handed in next class.  We we then explore how each rectifier works and why it is used.
Transformer Tutorial

Rectifier Tutorial

Class and Homework Exercises

  • Mid-Term Exam Study Guide for NTR
  • Name That Rectifier
  • Full-Wave Bridge
  • Zener Diodes

    Transistor Tutorial

    It's not what you eat for breaksfast , your fiber intake or gov't oversight, but it is about how to make a power supply stand up to demand.

    FIXED Regulator Tutorial (Linear)

    ADJUSTABLE Regulator Tutorial (Linear)


    Power Entry Module Data Sheet

    Power Entry Module and Transformer Lab

    Homework: Draw the PSU schematic 15 times by week-5 and be able to draw from memory

    Read the chapters relating to POWER and POWER SUPPLIES 
    Ch. 17: pp 265 - 282
    Ch. 18: pp.286 - 299
    Ch. 19: pp. 315 - 321
     Ch. 20: pp. 325 - 336
    Ch. 21: pp. 337-348

    Chapter-17: If you are building a studio and need to determine the amount of power that will be consumed, then this is required reading. 

    Chapter-18: If you've ever gone on a blind date then you should check out this informative chapter on Impedance matching.  It's particularly applicable to those building mic preamps and power supplies.

    Chapter-19: Semiconductors are not part-time Light Rail engineers, but instead are those solid-state devices that were developed by Bell Labs and are the reason we can have cell phones.

    Chapter-20: Diodes, the most basic of semiconductors, only pass current in one direction.  This is useful when converting AC-to-DC, illumination (Light Emitting Diodes = LEDs) and clipping (fuzz boxes). 

    Chapter-21: Supplies, Supplies, Surprise!  Now that we know how to convert AC to DC, it's time to dig in and build one to power our project.


    Below is the mockup and below that is the layout I did using Front Panel Express.

    Vari-Fi Preamp Power Supply 
    click on image for PDF