Week-3: 19 April '05

Advanced Preparation

    Everything we have done to date is has been the warm up act for week-3 and in preparation, you should be reading and doing the exercises in chapters 4, 5 and 6 - pages 65 to 117.  IF we can get through the quiz quickly enough, we can begin to trace the wiring in the old Metro space that I have renamed RETRO.  One of my goals this quarter is to make the space useable for recording. You could be part of that transformation.

    Don't forget the Resistor Color Code exercises that Logan provided in Week-2 .  And if that's not enough, I've provided some links below - additional information and reference material not only for the Resistor Color Code, Resistance and Impedance, but also the stuff we looked at in class - Dynamics Processor schematics and Power Distribution.

    After Class on Tuesday, Mark, Mariesa and Julie hung out in the control room until 8pm. Mariesa got a soldering lesson, replacing the RCA plugs on her turntable only to find that the cabling was more severely damaged.  Mark snagged new cabling from the bookstore and we were able to install it and watch the music on the scope.

    After the Turntable resurrection, Julie and I investigated the H3000 harmonizer from Studio 7.  It had a bad D/A converter, which I removed using Julie's wonderful solder sucker - a soldering Iron with built-in vacuum pump.  You should have seen the wave-form that the bad chip put out.  Very cool.  Needless to say I was at IPR until at least 10:30. 

    Please also check out the AES event coming up on 7th May.  It's a great excuse for us to get together outside of class and geek out.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - or come by on thursday, 13 April - by phone or email.

    I work Monday and Wednesday from 2pm till whenever and Friday mornings until 1pm in my shop (number below), where you're also welcome to come by.

    PLEASE read the AES invitation below...

    eddie c

    Subject: Saturday, May 7, 2 PM
    AES Event: Audio Hardware Presentation & Panel Discussion

    On Saturday, May 7, 2005, at 2 PM, three of the top designers of high quality audio hardware will discuss their latest products and how they go about dreaming up and producing their critically-acclaimed gear. 

    Dave Hill, proprietor of Crane Song in Superior, Wisconsin is known world wide for his one-of-a-kind products. Dave designed products for Summit Audio for ten years prior to starting Crane Song. His pre-amps, mixers, and A to D converters have received rave reviews.

    Dan Kennedy, founder of Great River Electronics creates audiophile grade gear in St. Paul. Minnesota. Dan started by developing quiet microphone preamplifiers for use in recording classical music using ribbon microphones. After successfully producing these, Dan set out to improve the performance of vintage designs, and has also added several well-received equalizers to his product line as well. 

    Wade Goeke of Chandler Limited in Waverly, Iowa returned to Iowa after life in LA, and has built a reputation for making new versions of classic devices. He is currently teaming with EMI/Abbey Road to create hardware that brings back the sound of recordings by the likes of the Beatles and Pink Floyd. 

    Dan, Wade and Dave will each present. Then a panel discussion, including audience questions will follow. Don't miss this chance to meet the people behind these award-winning products. This is a great opportunity to learn more about audio design, and to meet your fellow audio fanatics as well. Invite your friends and colleagues-this is a free event! 

    Please print and post the poster (on the next page and attached as a Word Doc) at your workplace or school as appropriate. Special thanks to McNally Smith College for providing their auditorium for this event. Regards, John Nygren Chair, AES Upper Midwest Section The AES Upper Midwest Section web site is: