AE-237 Basic Electronics
Instructor: Eddie Ciletti

Week-4 thru Week-7 homework and test schedule

Happy Weekend, y'all. 

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BELOW the AfrotechMods links is the schedule, VERY Accurate for week-4 and week-5, with a weather cast that reaches out to week-7.

NOTE:  It includes uber-importante homework LINKS and exam DATES (below the afrotechmods links)


PLEASE NOTE: The additional REGULATION homework: draw each version!!

Here are the AfrotechMods links that pertain to Power Supplies (and what we've learned so far)





LM-317 Adjustable Regulator

WEEK-4: can you believe it???

Monday 22 August

  • EXAM: Series / parallel, Resistance mid-term exam
  • hand in all related home-works EXCEPT the rectifier extravaganza
  • HOMEWORK: If you haven't yet done them three times each (for your own personal benefit) ,THREE homework assignments are due on Wednesday 24th august: Name That Rectifier, Full Wave Bridge and Regulators.
  • Rectifier review 
  • start LED disco-meter soldering kit.
  • write eddie about the class

PS: The Key is as follows

    SE = Single ended, only one power supply voltage is generated.
    BP = Bipolar (not the disorder), it means two voltages of opposite polarities are generated.
    HW = half wave, only one camel hump
    FW = Full Wave, two camel humps
    WTF = you know this one
    BR = bridge rectifier
    VD = not what you think, but would you believe Voltage Doubler?

Wednesday 24 August

WEEK-5:  Lots of pretty pix are due and one simple test...

Monday 29th August

  • DUE: hand-in 10 copies of the power supply (PSU) schematic
  • Begin building power supply for preamp
  • HOMEWORK: Draw 5 more copies of the PSU to hand in wednesday
  • write eddie about the class
Wednesday 31st August
  • DUE:hand in 5 copies of power supply schematic
  • Test: Take power supply schematic memory test (as in, DRAW from Memory).  This includes all parts designators and parts values.
  • Introduction to Amplification
  • Continue building power supply, test if done
  • HOMEWORK: Draw simple JFET schematic 10 times, read JFET Article
  • write eddie about the class
WEEK-6: Where GAIN comes from (Active Electronics)

Monday 5th September

  • DUE: hand-in 10 copies of simple JFET schematic
  • TEST: Take simple JFET schematic memory test including parts values.
  • JFET gain lab
  • Test power supplies (if applicable)
  • HOMEWORK: Draw 5 copies of the 'Pastel' FET schematic for Wednesday - be sure to put a square around the area that is the same as the simple JFET schematic.
  • write eddie about the class
Wednesday 7th September
  • DUE: hand in 5 copies of Pastel JFET schematic
  • HOMEWORK: draw ten copies for monday 12th Sept
  • write eddie about the class
WEEK-7:  JFET Happiness!

Monday 12th September

  • TEST:  Draw the pastel JFET schematic from memory
  • write me!!!
eddie ciletti
19 aug 2011