Augmented and Translated from the Jinglish text by Eddie Ciletti

ã 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000

  • Messages apply to all DTRS machines as they relate to transport all use the same mechanism.   Clock issues, where applicable, will create similar messages.
  • In the event that an error message keeps the machine from releasing your tape, DO NOT PANIC. An experienced technician can remove the tape without damage.

S- Err- 01: Mechanical Problem (tape path, guide, drum motor, etc.)

S- Err- 02: After the head drum motor is given a spin command, either the speed is irregular or no tachometer pulses are received from the frequency generator (FG = electronic tachometer) coil within 1.5 seconds of the command (the head is stuck, the motor or motor amplifier has failed). This can happen if the tape has come in contact with either head cleaner (insufficient "dry" time) or with lubricant from the mechanism. The Bernoulli effect explains how a spinning drum creates a cushion of air between the tape and the heads. Any liquid, however, will stop the head dead in its tracks.

S- Err- 03: Combination of Errors 1 & 2

S- Err- 04: Capstan Motor Problem. The motor spin command is given, but no tachometer is detected within 1.5 seconds of the command. 

S- Err- 05: Combination of Errors 1 & 4

S- Err- 06: Combination of Errors 2 & 4

S- Err- 07: Combination of Errors 1, 2 & 4

S- Err- 08: Reel Problem (take- up or supply). No FG tachometer received from either reel table within 1.5 seconds of command.

The following are all "time-out" messages indicating a task has not initiated or been completed (mode change) within 5 seconds.

S- Err- 09: Combination of Errors 1 & 8

S- Err- 10: Combination of Errors 2 & 8

S- Err- 11: Combination of Errors 1,2 & 8 

S-Err-11 is often due to cam failure caused by a defective sector gear.
S- Err- 12: Combination of Errors 4 & 8

S- Err- 13: Combination of Errors 1, 4 & 8

S- Err- 14: Combination of Errors 2, 4 & 8

S- Err- 15: Combination of Errors 1, 2, 4 & 8

S- Err- 21: The reel tables do not wind the tape into the cassette preparation for Eject. 

(A slack tape condition exists.)
S- Err- 31: The System control monitors each reel table tachometer, as well as the Head and Capstan tachs. Any conflicting information, such as one reel turning the other not, will halt the transport.

The tape may be loose or caught, possibly because it has become contaminated with cleaning fluid or transport lubricant.  In addition, tape width varies within a specified tolerance. If the tape path has been adjusted for a narrow or easily flexed tape, a wider or stiffer tape may get caught in the guides. 

S-Err-31 may be caused by defective reel table clutches

S- Err- 41: The solenoid does not engage during FF/ RW (100x speed).

S- Err- 59: In Eject mode, the reels do not start to drive, or do not lock for more than 1.5 seconds

S- Err- 68: In Play mode, the reels do not start to drive, or do not lock for more than 1.5 seconds.

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E. CLOCK: No incoming digital clock data. This could be as simple as a missing sync signal such as video- or word-clock, but often it refers to incorrect setting of the Machine ID switch. Each machine must have its number manually set by the user via rotary switch on the SYStem card. This switch is accessed at the rear of the machine and is located just right of center on the top most module. Also look for incorrect settings of the clock switch (Internal or Word) or machine time-base reference.

E. t cut: The tape is broken.

Ed io: Digital I/ O error. No digital device is detected at the T- DIF port. Check to see if cables are connected and power is on. You must use TASCAM cables or other individually shielded twisted pair cable.

E. dE Dew: sensor has detected condensation on the head drum. This occurs when a machine is brought from a cold to a warm area. Leave the machine powered so the heat from the electronics will evaporate the moisture.

E. HI- 8. T: The tape is not a HI- 8 formulation. Use either a metal particle (MP) or metal evaporated (ME) HI- 8 Tape.

E. thin. T: The tape inserted is too thin. Use a 90 or 120 minute tape.

Machine Reset After Error Message: Generally Errors can be cleared by re-booting the machine. However some errors require the machine be serviced immediately. This is usually the case with S-Err-11, as the tape could be locked in the transport.

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