Essential Electronics:

Parts, Tools and Prototype Supplies
2004 by Eddie Ciletti

Basic Oscilloscope: about $300

Basic Oscillator: about $60

long-nose pliers type-1 

long-nose pliers type-2

flush cutters
I prefer these over traditional "diagonal" cutters

uber-basic wire stripper

Weller WLC100 soldering station
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Desoldering tools
Good for undoing hand-wired vacuum tube circuitry

$35 Digial Multimeter

$45 Digital Multimeter

This may not be wide enough for vacuum tube work but is useful for general desoldering

Solder-less Prototype Board

Printed Circuit Board
Requires Soldering Skills

Resistance Decade Box

Capacitance Decade Box
Calculate Resistor Values
How 2 read Capacitor Values
 Resistor Color Code-1
Resistor Color Code-2
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