AE-252: Week-3

RECTIFICATION: Converts Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC)

There are many ways to convert AC to DC as you will see on this page.  Each Rectifier type can be thought of as application-specific. 

FIGURE-1: Half-Wave Rectifier

FIGURE-2:  A simple voltage-doubler rectifier can derive two voltages from a single transformer winding, as is the case with our wall-wart (Figure-2). Keep in mind that the 24-volt specification is always RMS. To predict the AC-to-DC conversion, dividing 24 by .707 will yield the voltage produced by each diode, upper and lower, approximately plus AND minus 33.9 volts DC. The zener diodes will clamp at 24 volts after which, "-24vdc" will be come our Zero Volt Common "reference" connection so that the supply will produce 24 volts for the preamp and 48 volts for phantom power. 

FIGURE-3:  Full-Wave Rectifier

FIGURE-4: Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier

FIGURE-5: Bi-polar Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier